About us

Brussels Institute for Applied Linguistics

BIAL (Brussels Institute for Applied Linguistics) conducts applied linguistic research with a focus on transculturalism. We approach our overarching research theme from different angles. The research can be categorised according to the following lines of enquiry.

Translation and Interpreting

This line of research includes a variety of topics within translation and interpreting studies:

  • Translation practice in specialised and institutional contexts; Terminological variation in translation
  • Literary translation; Multilingualism and transculturalism in literary translation
  • Interpreting practices in multilingual contexts; (Terminological variation in) community interpreting
  • The cognitive process of interpreting (e.g. processes working memory and cognitive control)
  • Translation and interpreting technology, Translation and interpreting performance assessment

Foreign Language Acquisition

The research within this domain focuses on vocabulary acquisition and more specifically on the validation of teaching methods with a view to optimizing foreign vocabulary language teaching.

Language Practices in Multilingual Urban Settings

Topics in this line of research include:

  • Language practices and policy in multilingual families
  • Multilingual communication in the work place
  • Multilingual communication in public service provision
  • Migrant literature
  • Philosophy of language and translation, Ethics and translation

CLIV - Centrum voor Literatuur in Vertaling - Alliance Research Group BIAL-VUB/UGent