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Feyza Altinkamis

Dr. Feyza Altinkamis

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Short bio


N. Feyza Altinkamis is a postdoctoral researcher at Ghent University, Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication, Turkish section. She has been teaching at Ghent University since 2011. In addition, she is a scientific collaborator in the project “A Digital Collaborative Platform for Minority Language Education in Brussels” run by Prof. Dr. Rik Vosters and Dr. Jian Wei at VUB. Her research interests are mainly early childhood bilingualism (Turkish-Dutch children), language practices in bilingual families, child-directed speech and family language policy. She is also interested in supporting projects related to child and family bilingual literacy activities organized for public.

Research interests

Lexical development in early childhood bilingualism; Bilingual language practices in families; Acquisition of Turkish as a heritage language; Teaching Turkish as a heritage language in bilingual educational contexts

Selection of publications

  • D’haeseleer, E., Daelman, J., Altinkamis, F., Smet, A.-S., Ryckaert, E., & Van Lierde, K. (2021). Language development in Turkish-Dutch bilingual children. Folia Phoniatrica et Logopaedica.
  • Karatas Acer, E., & Altinkamis, F. (2021). Turkish language and Turkish culture education in Flanders, Belgium: a model proposal = Belçika Flaman bölgesi’nde Türkçe ve Türk kültürü eğitimi: bir model önerisi. Kastamonu Education Journal, 29(2), 537–549.
  • Altinkamis, F.& Simon, E. (2020). The effect of family background and language exposure on the development of Turkish and Dutch in bilingual children in Flanders. International Journal of Bilingualism,
  • Altinkamis, F., & Özcan, F. H. (2020). How does family socioeconomic status affect home and mainstream language? Linguistic Minorities in Europe Online.
  • Daelman, J., Van Lierde, K., Simon, E., Baudonck, N., Altinkamis, F., Akbari, M., & D’haeseleer, E. (2020). Dynamisch onderzoek van narratieven in typisch ontwikkelende Turks-Nederlandse kinderen in Vlaanderen : een pilootonderzoek. LOGOPEDIE (HERENTALS), 2020(juli-augustus), 100–115.
  • Yagmur, K., & Altinkamis, F. (2020). Turkish. Linguistic Minorities in Europe Online.
  • Simon, E., D’haeseleer, E., Altinkamis, F., & Plevoets, K. (2020). Dutch speech intelligibility in bilingual Turkish-Dutch children in Flanders. Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics, 9(1–2), 215–235:


Vrije Universiteit Brussel
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